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Centurion Leadership submission

Centurion Leadership Submission

Are you as a leader – submitted to someone else? Being submitted allows you to recognize authority. He recognized that Jesus was under authority.

Centurion Leadership Protocol Breaker

Centurion Leadership Protocol Breaker

Would you break protocol to help someone who follows you? Would you move yourself aside and understand that you may need someone else to help you in the gaps you cannot fill for your team? Would you approach an unknown to get help for your team?

Centurion Leadership Humility

Centurion Leadership Humility

Do you value the people you lead? Could the people you lead say what this person said about his leader? Would you remove your “rank” and humble yourself to be the leader You are called to be?

Multiple Currencies of Leadership – pt1

There are three leadership currencies… …Leadership is H.I.T. – This episode = Honor. Would you be willing to work with someone you know is about to betray you?

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