Why do we do what we do?



A core value is not solely a reason why we do what we do. It is a belief that the actions we take are based on a deep conviction. 

Our way to Be The Bridge is by operating in these core values. 

-core values-

Authentic Love

 An authentic love is not one that wanes over time, but deepens as people love each other.
1 John 4:20


Even Jesus was able to get through his most difficult times due to the joy of the promised future. At such a sad time in the world, we need a bridge to help us experience true joy.
- John 16:20


Having the right tools is imperative to your success in any work being done. The Bridge wants to equip you with the tools for your spiritual success.
- 1 Tim. 3:17


The integrity of a bridge is of vital importance to those who cross. We strive to be an example of consistency in our total dedication to God and in our relationships with others. God is our great example of how to be one who keeps our word.
2 Cor. 2:17


We believe in the power of the community. Many of us grew up with the saying: "My house is your house." Our wish is that you feel at home, a place where you are supported and celebrated. At the Bridge, we are family.
GaL. 6:10 & Eph 2:19

Listen to Great to the Core

  • Authentic Love

Have you met Him?

Jesus placed himself as the bridge to remedy the relationship between you and God. The only thing left is for you to cross that bridge...
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