The bridge

Where it all began...

…more than 15yrs ministry experience

New York
and so the story goes...
We begin our story in 2000 (the year we married) Prior we both were a part of the worship team. We then wer asked to take on the youth and pre-youth which we didand for 3 years. Then we became chaplains and lead that ministry at our church in New York. During one of our 1st marriage vision retreats God spoke to us about ministry in North Carolina. (we knew nobody there)
New York
North Carolina
We began the process of planning to expand the ministry in NY to NC with our pastors backing. We spied the land (Raleigh, NC). And fasted and prayed in the process and in 2006 we moved to Cary, North Carolina. We began the minstry called Sea of Blessing. We started our ministry TV program in our living room using Public Access TV borowed equipment. In 2012 we joined with Christian International and our overseer in Greer, SC. Soon there after we felt lead to move to SC to do ministry.
North Carolina
South Carolina
and further south...
Jan 2013 we moved to Greer SC and soon thereafter (1 yr) started Iglesia Dominio. After atending ARC church planting training in Alabama. We began church and then changed the name to The Bridge Church in 2016. After a time of fasting and praying we stopped the church fellowship and became a parachurch minstry which is now called The Bridge Ministries.
South Carolina

The Pioneers

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Dr. Marc Garcia

Dr. Marc Garcia earned his Doctorate in Biblical Studies from the North Carolina College of Theology in 2006. He has written multiple books, leads NVMedia and is passionate about ministry leadership.

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Blanca Garcia

Blanca Garcia earned her Masters Degree in Biblical Studies from North Carolina College of theology. She works F/T as a marketing manager for a real estate group and is passionate about family.

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