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What stops us from crossing? Fear, anxiety, insecurity. We believe these can be overcome with Faith in Jesus. 


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Is life messy right now? Are you facing an unplanned pregnancy? Do you fear what the future holds? You are not alone. Motherhood is hard on all new moms, especially when they happen to be a teenager. While your friends are making decisions about college and which movie to go see on Friday night, your attention is being pulled in another direction. Whether you choose to keep your baby or give another family hope through the blessing of adoption, you are about to experience a level of sacrifice you have never known before. 

ministry =
a public service

We take great care in accepting invitations to speak at any event. We take time to pray and seek the Lord, mostly because we want to the one’s who are sent not just “went”. 

We are here to help!

If you are a new church plant or a church looking for help with establishing a media and social marketing then we can help you.
If you are responsible for your couples or marriage ministry in your church we can help you with that as well.

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